Transgender Woman Pleas for Care and Basic Rights in Secret Video Message from Prison Cell

Prison Photography


Prisons are hostile, and potentially lethal, environments for transgender individuals. The acute need for understanding, medical care, and protection from predatory abuse is made visible for us through the remarkable efforts of Ashley diamond, a woman incarcerated in the mens’ Georgia State Prison.

Hearing her case and the evidence put forth by her advocates, The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), it is a wonder Ms. Diamond is still alive. She has suffered no fewer than seven serious sexual assaults in the three years of her term.

Georgia’s prison system is notoriously dysfunctional and brutal. The prison in which Ms. Diamond is incarcerated is Georgia State. It had more sexual assaults between 2009 and 2014 than all but one other state prison. Ms. Diamond’s access to safety is merely one of her request in the recent lawsuit. Mainly, Ms. Diamond asks that her medically…

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What I’ve Learned Inside a Tattoo Shop

Ryan Bolton.

Photo by Ryan Bolton at Sals Tattoo in Toronto Photo by Ryan Bolton at Sals Tattoo in Toronto

Tattoo shops can be intimidating places.

Here’s the oxymoron about tattoos: it’s an uber-personal thing that is, in turn, public. What I mean is, your choice of tattoo, be it a skull on fire or a unicorn shitting rainbows, is a form of self-expression. It’s a very personal choice. And that personal choice is then on display for the rest of your life. Especially at the local pool.

This is the point where people lose their shit about “it being on you for life.” And “I don’t know if I like something enough for it to be on me for, you know, life.” Well, that’s kinda the point. You don’t know. A tattoo is a memory. It’s a piece of art. It’s self-expression. A tattoo, for Christ’s sake, doesn’t have to mean anything. We get so caught up with symbolism and…

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Rolling Stone forgot: Investigative reporting is about discovery, not preconceived notions

The Buttry Diary

Investigative reporting is about discovery of a story, not confirmation of your notions.

That is the key mistake Rolling Stone made in its false, and now retracted, story “A Rape on Campus,” as I read the Columbia School of Journalism report on the fiasco.

Rolling Stone’s repudiation of the main narrative in ‘A Rape on Campus’ is a story of journalistic failure that was avoidable. The failure encompassed reporting, editing, editorial supervision and fact-checking,” wrote the Columbia authors, Sheila Coronel, J-School Dean Steve Coll and Derek Kravitz.

The failure started, though, with a preconceived notion of what the story should be. Reporter Sabrina Rubin Erdely; Sean Woods, the primary editor of the story; and Will Dana, managing editor; had too strong a vision of what the story should be and not a strong enough commitment to learn what it really was.

I worked on a series on rape in 1993 for…

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Pictures of the Week March 13th, 2015


Check out what PJ students at the International Centre of Photography were up to this week.

Light and Shadow/Soumita Bhattacharya

Light and Shadow/Soumita Bhattacharya

Light and Shadow/Soumita Bhattacharya

Grand Central TerminalGrand Central Terminal/Yolande Daeninck

Grand Central TerminalGrand Central Terminal/Yolande Daeninck

Grand Central TerminalGrand Central Terminal/Yolande Daeninck

7PlayingPortraitCamilaSvensonPlaying with Portrait – Camila Svenson/Griselda San Martin

8PlayingPortraitCJPlaying with Portrait – Shih-Chieh Wei/Griselda San Martin

Playing with Portrait – Fabiana Sala/Griselda San Martin

sara frisby - montauk end of the world-1Montauk End of the World/Sara Frisby

10sara frisby - montauk end of the world-2Montauk End of the World/Sara Frisby

11sara frisby - montauk end of the world-3Montauk End of the World/Sara Frisby

12sara frisby - montauk end of the world-4Montauk End of the World/Sara Frisby

13sara frisby - montauk end of the world-5Montauk End of the World/Sara Frisby

Portrait – Esteban Kuriel/Shih-Chieh Wei

15Wei_portrait02_20150310Portrait – Esteban Kuriel/Shih-Chieh Wei

16Wei_portrait03_20150310Portrait – Griselda San Martin/Shih-Chieh Wei

New York 14 Arrival on Staten Island/Gareth Smit

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Producing the Today programme


Around this time last year I wrote an article about my then job, which was managing the social media and website for BBC Radio 4’s Today programme. Not long after publishing it, I was given the chance to to move off the online team and become a producer on the actual radio show. I thought now might be a good time to write an updated blog entry about what this job involves and give some examples of what I’ve been doing for the past year for anyone who might be interested in hearing more about the behind-the-scenes mechanics of the show.


First of all, just to quash from the gate any suspicion that I landed this dream job by being some kind of ruthlessly ambitious careerist, let me say that this is a role that I never envisioned myself doing. Not because I didn’t want to, quite the opposite, but because working for a programme…

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Ha llegado el Rey Lagarto 

El lagarto Tiki por si solo es un tótem en diferentes culturas del mundo es un símbolo de benevolencia y sabidura. 

Además las sociedades a lo largo de la historia lo también denominó un animal que no importa cuan pequeño sea es místico y sabio entre sabios. Porqué es un animal que alerta, que previene, que avisa, que cuida, y que protege. 

Es un amuleto espiritual que sólo da cosas buenas, pero sobre todo protege del mal, y está como bendito para conseguir cambiar las energías negativas… El lagarto expresa el no tener problemas, No hay prisa en su mundo. Todo llega a su debido tiempo. Los lagartos siempre están bien con el simple hecho de estar. 

Yo diría que son animales agradecidos con la Pachamama, son serenos y aceptan muy bien con los ciclos de la salida y puesta del sol y estos parámetros simples de la vida mantienen su bienestar. Y finalmente pienso que son animales que se dejan llevar se dejan fluir, te piden que no te mortifiques y ya. Hay que fluir. 

El mensaje de los tótemicos lagartos es recordarnos que cada día el sol sale y se pone, el aire que respiramos está siempre allí para nosotros, la tierra mantiene una órbita preciosa, la marcha de todas las estaciones a un ritmo hermosa, ordenada en el tiempo. También significa la apreciación de las cosas simples de la vida y de la música, las iguanas y los lagartos son capaces de escuchar música y tambalear su cabeza porque aprecian el ritmo al igual que tomar el sol. Los lagartos son el tótem de la toma de conciencia de la alegría de estar vivos, y ayudan a saber saborear la vida desde sus pequeñas cosas hasta las grandes.

Jim Morrison fue, es y será el Rey Lagarto.

A quien pueda interesar. 


Un día me dio una pálida que caí desmayada, y cuando abrí los ojos me tenía el en sus brazos cargada. Y yo -Wow después pensando en todo lo que hubiese pasado si el no hubiese estado. A ver, que te quiero decir yo con esto de ahorita que para eso están las parejas, pa cuando lo necesitas no solo para darse abrazos y besitos con lenguita sino para brindase apoyo en la hora de la chiquita. Es una dupla como un dos Pa dos en un juego de voleiball. 
-Cambio y fuera. 

How Patty Hearst Went From Kidnapping Victim to Armed Guerrilla


41 years ago today, on February 4, 1974, Patty Hearst was kidnapped from her Berkeley, CA apartment by members of an urban guerrilla group called the Symbionese Liberation Army. Two months after she was abducted Hearst— the granddaughter of the real life “Citizen Kane,” publishing magnate William Randolph Hearst—had joined the SLA, adopted the the name “Tania” as her nom de guerre and was robbing a San Francisco bank with a M1 carbine. Hearst’s kidnapping and subsequent conversion riveted the nation—Was it Stockholm Syndrome? Brainwashing? The last gasp of sixties radicalism?

In October of the next year, Rolling Stone featured an explosive cover story, “Tania’s World: An Insider’s Account of Patty Hearst on the Run.” Below is a short excerpt from Howard Kohn and David Weir’s account of her life as a fugitive with the SLA, detailing her moment of conversion.

Patty was shown a long list of the Hearst family…

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When Two People Decide to Live Together and Combine Their Bookshelves


Alexander Chee has a delightful essay in the Morning News about the way we view our personal libraries and what happens to our books when we attempt to combine our bookshelves with our partners:

One of the funniest and most interesting questions you can ask a group of couples at a party is whether or not they have combined their bookshelves.

I discovered this once I began asking it, looking for advice from others who might have done this. Most often, thus far, in my highly selective, completely unscientific research, the answer is no. Reasons get thrown around, and one is common. “I told her,” a friend said, who had just completed this process, “‘That stack of doubles by the entrance, that you will not get rid of, that is your doubt about our long-term future.’” He laughed as he said this.

Doubles, inside this world of library marriages…

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